A Wedding at St Everildas

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A Wedding at St Everildas

Well, It’s been a long time coming! After a healthy absence from the blogging world it’s about time I got back on the saddle and shared another great wedding with you guys.

I was, as always, ever so grateful to the bride and Groom for choosing me to document their big day. The Couple in question were the enchanting Emma and Richard Medd. Bride, Groom and guests were on incredible form and only of the best stock, good-looking and positively charming. We also had a beautiful venue for the day (shooting a Wedding at St Everildas is a blast) and were generously blessed with gorgeous weather.

So without any hesitations lets take a look at the Wedding! It’s a mighty fine specimen.

Getting ready and guests arriving

We started the day with the Bride and her Bridesmaids in their family home. A mix of excitement and nervousness had everyone in high spirits for the day ahead. And what a touching family moment it was about to be.


Guest arriving

After a relaxed morning with the bride and her family we made our way to the stunning St Everildas church situated in Nether Poppleton. The guests began to arrive in droves, and what a good bunch of people they were.

 Bride arriving and Service

As soon as everyone had exchanged greetings and pleasantries they were seated and ready for the service. The bride arrived looking angelic in white and was positively glowing. Emma was lead down to the church by her father to be greeted by all of her friends and family. That’s when it got emotional!

Confetti, Champagne and group shots.

After a moving service the Bride and Groom made there way to the church front only to be showered by confetti and applause. We soon moved next door for champagne, canapés, conversation and a session of group photography.

Meeting the Bride and Groom

In an ever so traditional manner the guest were led to greet the bride and groom and congratulate them on their marriage. This part of the day is always filled with great, emotional, moments for the photographer. But this time, more than ever, it got very emotional and there was plenty of great moments to capture.

Private shoot

After a very tearful meet and greet and some light entertainment courtesy of a very talented violinist we took the bride and groom around the surrounding area for a private shoot. We were fortunate to have such pictures locations and accommodating weather for our private shoot. All of which came together to create some stunning photos.

Speeches and party time

Get ready for more tears! We’re back in the converted barn house for some kind words and toast raising speeches. After some thoughtful praises from their friends and family we set off for the final venue of the night. Everybody started getting merry and very much in the mood for dancing!


So there you have it! What a day. I can’t begin to describe just how much fun this wedding. All who were involved had the looks and the patter to ensure we were kept on our toes. They gave us some of our best material to date. And not mention, shooting a Wedding at St Everildas gave us amazing opportunities as photographers. A highly recommended venue.

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  1. Some top quality work in there Joel. Good eye for some interesting angles. Particularly liked the shot of the bride talking to the woman in the black dress. Great composition. No ridiculous poses just good quality shots. Keep up the good work.

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