A Wedding at the Churchill Hotel

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A Wedding at the Churchill Hotel

Just as spring began to appear through the fading shadow of winter, pervading it’s warming light across the frosted scene of a cold seasons ground, we we’re settling in with Bride and Groom to be Ben and Kirsty.

It was a complete pleasure joining them and their loved ones for a day of wedding photography. Benn was dressed to the nines in ceremonial uniform, and Kirsty, of course, looked beautiful in her wedding dress. The majority of the day was spent in the Churchill Hotel, which provided a beautiful back drop to this, already, picturesque couple.

Bride getting ready

The day started off in the Prince of Wales suit at the Churchill Hotel. This gave us plenty of natural window light to illuminate the Bride and Bridesmaids whilst getting ready.

A wedding at the Churchill Hotel IMG_0977-1 IMG_1005-1 IMG_1025-1 IMG_1031-1 IMG_1041-1 IMG_1061-1 IMG_1084-1 IMG_1120-1 IMG_1151-1 IMG_1171-1 IMG_1205-1 IMG_1209-1 IMG_1251-1 IMG_1255-1

Service and Reception

We we’re then to join Benn and the rest of the family for the service. The spring sunshine beamed through the windows again, giving a wondrous shower of clear white light into the rooms of the building.

IMG_1339-1 IMG_1315-1 IMG_1355-1 IMG_1421-1 IMG_1470 copy IMG_1487 copy IMG_1505-1 IMG_1508-1 IMG_1550-1 IMG_1552-1 IMG_1569-1 IMG_1579-1 IMG_1599-1 IMG_1667-1 IMG_1671-1 IMG_1679 copy IMG_1695-1 IMG_1797-1 IMG_1802 copy

Group shots and Speeches

After much celebration and congratulations we headed out to the green outside of the hotel for group shots, closely followed by a round of speeches from the head table.

IMG_1706-1 IMG_1719-1 IMG_1762-1 IMG_1270-1 IMG_1302-1 IMG_1286-1 IMG_1307-1 IMG_1860-1 IMG_1876-1 IMG_1902-1 IMG_1970-1 IMG_1996 copy

 First Dance

After a day full of formalities and ceremonial services the Bride, Groom and guests let their hair down and indulged in merriment and dance.

IMG_2029-1 IMG_2019-1 IMG_2081-1 IMG_2033-1 IMG_2043-1 IMG_2092 copy IMG_2111-1 IMG_2144-1 IMG_2299 copy IMG_2272-1 IMG_2226-1

Well, I hope you all took as much enjoyment at looking these photos as I did taking them. I had an absolute blast photographing this wedding and it made me very proud to hear how much the Kirsty and Benn loved the images too.

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