A wedding in Ilkley

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A wedding in Ilkley

Rolling hills, grand buildings, country pubs and lots of sheep. These are all things that feature, repeatedly, when you shoot a wedding in Ilkley. A place where we recently shot one of our favourite Weddings of the Year.

So here is a little set of photos I took of the wedding party! Enjoy!

Getting Ready

We joined the bride and Bridesmaids at their hotel for a morning of hair, makeup and makeshift textile work. We also joined the Groom and Groomsmen after at the Bar for a morning of, well, beer.

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The guest settled in for the service, which was a wonderfully touching event. Friends and family joined the Bride and Groom afterwards for group shots outside.

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Private shoot

We were very lucky with location on this photo shoot. The rolling hills in Ilkley provide a perfect backdrop for an intimate shoot with the bride and groom.
img-38 img-39 img-40 img-41 img-42 img-43

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